Cornelia Vinzens

About me


Who I'am

Hi! I’m Cornelia Vinzens, professional photographer and videographer.

In 2017 I decided to move on (was meinst du hier, dass du damit aufgehört hast?) with my career in interior design and scenography and moved from Basel to Barcelona to engage myself professionally in the world of photography and videography.

Me and Photography


Photography has been a steady companion to me since early years. Before I had been documenting countless architecture and interior design projects and exhibitions in museums. In Barcelona my attention was immediately drawn to the genre of portraiture photography. I started studying and deepening my knowledge about studio illumination, the direction of models and storyboard creation for video portraits.

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my experience


While working with professionals and entrepreneurs, I realised that there was a big necessity of having an elaborated personal or brand image, which reflects their activity (properly). There’s a clear lack of knowledge about how much you can achieve with a sophisticated and authentic portrait.

Most corporate portraits are conventional and nice studio photos, but completely out of context and fail to communicate anything. I realized that my experience gained in my former profession in scenography and my acquired skills in portrait photography complemented each other in a very powerful and effective way. For over 10 years I had been creating visual concepts for museums all over Europe and it was during this time that I had developed a sensitivity for spaces, for creating atmospheres and for narrating stories.

My mind is always working on new ideas and I never stop a project until I'm satisfied with the result.

transforming a conventional image into a real brand identity


This awareness inspired me to redirect my career not towards corporate portraits, but towards transforming a conventional image into a real brand identity. Today all my knowledge and experience serves as a sound base to create strong and personalized concepts with a coherent storyline and visualize them with the use of photography and/or video.


Up to this day I’ve been asked to work on projects in various countries throughout Europe and I’ve helped professionals to move their businesses to the next level. I’ve been (internationally?) recognized for my first book “Portraits of a Generation” (Link), published in 2016. The book has been printed in a second edition with a total of more than 2500 copies sold. I am proud to have recurring clients such as Groenlandbasel in Switzerland.

visual concept with Imaginography

This is how I work

Once we have developed your personalized visual concept with Imaginography, I will guide you through all the important steps for the upcoming shooting such as dresscode, locations and style for make-up and hair. I work with profesional Makeup and Hairartists who will make sure you look your best.

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

Pablo Picasso