Laax is a picturesque mountain village in the middle of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by spectacular nature and the flagship of the world-famous ski resort “Weisse Arena AG”. Exactly these attractions are staged in large spatial images in the new “Wellnesshostel3000” on Lake Laax. The cascade staircase leads the guest along a regional water map from the Rhine gorge “Ruinaulta” on the first floor up to the Vorab Glacier on the third floor. At the highest point in the staircase, two oversized floating wings hover above visitors’ heads.

In the elevator, the visitor experiences a dive in Lake Cauma with impressive light shows. The elevator cabin takes the visitor from the bottom of the lake in the parking garage to the water surface in the reception area and back again.

A niche in the restaurant, completely lined with quilted fabric, represents the inner workings of a snowboard jacket. The fabric was printed with old as well as current photographs from the snowboard scene, an additional graphic layer makes the visitor smile when looking closely.

Photography – Cornelia Vinzens
Scenography – Cornelia Vinzens, Groenlandbasel Architektur und Ausstellungen, Basel
Idea and Conceptual Design – Groenlandbasel Architektur und Ausstellungen, Basel
Laax (CH) 2021