Interactive installation for the Swiss Youth Hostels

Together with the scenography office Groenlandbasel, I developed the small series “Sutga Rumantscha” (Romansh armchair) for the Swiss Youth Hostels – an interactive station to familiarise visitors with Switzerland’s fourth national language. Romansh is spoken by only 0.5% of the Swiss population. Who are these 0.5%? Where does it come from and what does it sound like? The “Sutga” answers these and many other questions about the Romansh language. The armchair offers a comfortable seat to any curious visitor and, through interactive language tests and knowledge of Romansh music and literature, provides an entertaining introduction to the language of the locals.

Direction and Production – Cornelia Vinzens
Script – Cornelia Vinzens
Idea – Cornelia Vinzens, Groenlandbasel Architektur und Ausstellungen, Basel
Actor – David Flepp
Client – Swiss Youth Hostels, Groenlandbasel
Laax (CH) 2020