Interactive installation for the Swiss Youth Hostels

On February 20, 1938, Swiss men declared Romansh as the fourth national language with an overwhelming 91.6% of yes votes. An astounding result. Rarely has a proposal been accepted so clearly in the history of Switzerland. On the 85th anniversary of the fourth national language, the Lia Rumantscha, the umbrella organization of all Romansh organizations, launched the project “Rumantsch*a – adina e dapertut” (Romansh – always and everywhere). The goal of the project is to encourage Romansh speakers to integrate their mother tongue into their daily lives, always and everywhere.

Direction and Production – Cornelia Vinzens
Script – Cornelia Vinzens
Idea – Cornelia Vinzens, Groenlandbasel Architektur und Ausstellungen, Basel
Actor – David Flepp
Client – Swiss Youth Hostels, Groenlandbasel
Laax (CH) 2020