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I’m Cornelia Vinzens, a Swiss videographer and photographer with a background in scenography and exhibition design. 

Before pursuing my career in photography and videography, I spent over a decade working as a scenographer for various museums in Europe, creating visual concepts and designing exhibitions. During this time, I developed a sensitivity to spaces, creating atmospheres, and narrating stories.

Today, all my knowledge and experience serve as a solid foundation for creating strong and personalized concepts with a coherent storyline, visualized through the use of photography and video. My work primarily involves creating corporate photography and videos for museums, architecture studios, and cultural institutions, as well as producing short documentaries and trailers. Together with my team, we offer a complete package that spans from concept development and scriptwriting to final production. Thanks to my experience working as a scenographer, I often take on the artistic direction, cinematography, and set design for photography and video productions.

My clients

Over the past few years, I’ve helped professionals and companies throughout Europe in promoting their brands, products, and services.

Groenlandbasel Architecture and Exhibitions, CH

SNSF Swiss National Science Foundation, CH

Swiss Youth Hostels, CH

Swiss National Park, CH

National Museum of the St. Gotthard, CH

Weisse Arena Gastro AG, CH

Lia Rumantscha, CH

Schallaburg Museum, AT

Archaeology Museum St. Gallen, CH

Capsule Sustainable Fashion, ES

Can is Cool Centro Canino, ES

Stiftsarchiv St. Gallen, CH

Spielzeugwelten Museum Basel, CH

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